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  • Elise Paris

Review: The Festival.

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

a.k.a 1/4 of the inbetweeners in a field

So I'll be honest, I didn't go into this film expecting much more than a couple of cheap laughs, and that is more or less what I got from it, but I'm okay with that. This idea was a long time coming because festivals are like a whole crazy universe and its about time a film made good use of that. Despite the fact that I found the first 20 minutes of this film a bit slow and poorly written (I'm not even gonna comment on the graduation scene because, what even?), the plot introduced its characters well and set them up for their smurf, ketamine and poor decision filled weekend, which is what we're all really here for anyway. My favourite parts of this whole thing were the secondary characters and their sub plot which is more of an insult to the film rather than a compliment but nonetheless, Hammed Animashaun and Claudia O'Doherty created such endearing characters! The character of Amy was questionable at first but she had me at chaffney. Honestly how could you not love her and her endless stories? But I'm confused as to why would these characters be friends with Joe Thomas's character. Don't get me wrong I loved The Inbetweeners but they only worked as a group of four, I have seen 0 evidence of any of the actors being particularly successful since.Can Joe Thomas actually play any other character than a socially awkward, selfish asshole? It appears not. For me the character is just unlikeable and hard to care about, which did leave me bored at various points throughout The Festival. On the other hand I did appreciate the attempts made by this script to avoid cliches and demonstrate some good old, British, dry humoured bad luck. And although I find most random cameos in films distasteful, the allergy scene with Noel Fielding had me literally crying with laughter. I love everything that man does.

Anyway, despite my low opinion of Joe Thomas's character, this film in general kept me engaged on a surface level and though I will never watch it again, I didn't leave the cinema disappointed, so if you're looking for a laugh, go see The Festival in cinemas now.



Milton Keynes


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