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  • Elise Paris

The Best of Christmas: Day 3

Hello and welcome back to day 3 of my Festive Film Advent Calendar!

To be honest, I originally planned to put 1983’s Trading Places behind door 3 because it’s a cult classic that I always loved as a child. Unfortunately though, this film contains politically controversial scenes including one that often gets overlooked, which features Dan Ackroyd in Blackface. Only in hindsight do I understand the insensitive nature of this scene and I can't allow myself to promote a film that causes offence to others.

SO, on a lighter note, behind todays door is 2015’s festive stoner comedy, The Night Before.

Featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen and Anthony Mackie, The Night Before tells the story of three life long friends that have spent every Christmas together since the passing of Ethan’s (Gordon-Levitt) parents. However, as their personal lives and families are becoming ever more important, they agree that this year will be their last Christmas together. The audience follow them on a crazy adventure to get to ‘The Nutcracker Ball’, and as they part ways the film perfectly balances all three hilarious subplots. There is great chemistry at play between the actors which makes it so much more believable and what’s more, the film feels really modern and fresh because of the pop culture references. There are also hilarious references to Christmas classics, my favourite being “She Home Alone’d me!”. Obviously, a Seth Rogen picture can’t exist without the participation of drugs, but this movie actually captures that much more tastefully than some of his other movies. The scene where Isaac (Rogen) is tripping balls at the dinner table is fuckin funny. Amongst all the madness though, this film has a surprisingly heartfelt message about friendship tied in throughout and I think thats what makes it a strong, modern Christmas go-to.

So that's day 3, see ya' later.

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