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  • Elise Paris

The Best of Christmas: Day 2

Welcome back!

I've spent the best part of today travelling, rehearsing and then putting up the Christmas decorations. But now I've finally got a moment to sit down with a cup of gingerbread tea and update the advent calendar.

Behind todays door is a set of six endearing short films better known as 'A Walt Disney Christmas'.

Honestly if the calendar was based purely on sentiment, this would be behind door 20 something. I imagine anyone who knows what I’m talking about, owned A Walt Disney Christmas on VHS. I don’t think its even available on anything but VHS.

So yeah, talk about a throwback.

You can find all of the shorts on YouTube though, so if you’ve got time and you want a festive top up, I highly recommend these Disney classics:

1. Once Upon A Wintertime - A timeless short romance that moves to the voice of Frances Langford. This little classic follows the memory of two lovers on a frozen lake alongside couples of furry companions.


2. Santa’s Workshop - A simple short following Santa and his elves preparing for Christmas. Surprisingly mesmerising and one of my childhood favourites.


3. The Night Before Christmas - An adaption of ‘A Visit From St Nicholas’ portrays the magic of Santa’s toys that come to life whilst children sleep. I find this one a bit creepy in hindsight. But to be honest, the whole concept of Santa Claus is creepy in hindsight.


4. Pluto’s Christmas Tree - When Mickey cuts down a Christmas tree containing Chip ‘n' Dale, the pesky chipmunks take the opportunity to terrorise Pluto in his own home. The doggo gets scolded by Mickey in this one, so it loses points there.


5. On Ice - This short features all your favourite Disney characters - Goofy, Donald, Mickey, Minnie and Pluto, on ice. Simple as. Worth it to watch Goofy use chewing tobacco and a spittoon above the ice to lure fish to the surface.


6. Donald’s Snow Fight - Finally, this short develops from a light hearted snowball fight into an intense snow war between Donald and his nephews.


So that’s door 2!

Thanks for reading.


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