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  • Elise Paris

The Best of Christmas: Day 16


It’s the 16th of December and behind today’s door is Dr Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

I’m not sure what anyone could have against this film. I think its a magical story in its rawest form, but in this version Jim Carey just elevates it to be something so much more. The make up and scenery really enrich the fantasy, and Carey’s performance is hilarious and frankly iconic.

I don’t think a film has consisted of so many characters in heavy make up and cosmetics since 'The Wizard of Oz', and apparently Jim Carey was so uncomfortable in the latex costume that he sought counselling from a CIA agent who taught him torture-resistance techniques. That's showbiz.

The 2018 Benedict Cumberbatch version is okay. I went to see it in the cinema recently and they changed a few things to make it feel fresh. To be honest, it was a perfectly sweet Christmas film, but as I predicted, no one can compete with Jim Carey’s quirky embodiment of The Grinch from 2000.

So that's all for today, see you tomorrow!


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