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  • Elise Paris

The Best of Christmas: Day 15


Welcome back to another post, I hope all is well with you.

I practiced making my Bailey’s Christmas cheesecake today, and not to blow my own horn but it looks lush. Though I doubt it'll last long in my house.

Anyway, behind door 15 is a festive comedy called Deck the Halls. You’ve probably seen it, it’s the one where Danny DeVito obsesses over making his house visible from space, and it rubs Ferris Beuller up the wrong way. If this wasn’t a Christmas film, there’d be a lot to criticise about it, like the endless cliches and inconsistent characters. But alas, this is a Christmas film and so we’re gonna let that slide on the account of, the spectacle that is Buddy Hall’s house and the fact that it contains a good few laughs. Though the most part of this movie is all competition and crude, the ending is actually surprisingly sweet and moving.

The most impressive thing about Deck the Halls, is the stuff that went on to make it happen. Apparently, the filmmakers built both of the houses from scratch and then built a 60ft high, ark-like building over them to give them more hours of darkness. Then they actually made the light show. Awesome.

So yeah, this film is definitely worth a watch at this time of year, so long as you don’t think too critically about it.

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