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The Best of Christmas: Day 14

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Hello reader!

I’m feeling very festive today, as I spent the morning in Winterville’s Backyard Cinema watching It’s a Wonderful Life with a cup of mulled wine. Then I spent the late afternoon walking around Oxford Street, which is very lit up around this time of year. Of course I went to Hamley’s and looked at everything but bought nothing, it’s gotta’ be done.

But now that I’m cosy in my bed, lets update the advent calendar.

It’s getting real people, from this point onwards all the films I recommend will be of top ten quality, and that kicks off today with....The Santa Clause.

Like Santa Claus! But like, a business clause!! Ha! Yeah nah I didn’t understand that as a kid either. But that’s actually a very common theme in this movie, jokes for all ages and many that fly straight over little heads. The Santa Clause is a great family film about Scott Calvin, a business man and divorcee, spending Christmas Eve with his son, Charlie. When he inadvertently kills Santa, Scott temporarily takes his place in the sleigh, but little to his knowledge, Scott is actually committing to a lifetime contract to festivity, as stated in The Santa Clause. It’s seriously underrated and it packs comedy, adventure, warmth and above all else it has Christmas at it’s core.

If you get round to watching this one I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for reading,


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