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  • Elise Paris

The Best of Christmas: Day 13


Welcome back to my festive film advent calendar.

Behind door 13 is Jingle All the Way from 1996.

This movie hasn’t quite made the top 10 Movies on this calendar because its technically awful. The special effects are terrible, the acting isn’t great and the message promotes consumerism and the materialised importance of Christmas. But, that all being said, I think its hilarious. I may have a bias soft spot for Jingle All the Way simply from watching it so much as a child, but what’s not to love? Schwarzenegger has a fight with a pissy reindeer and punches a corrupt Santa across the room. You can’t help but laugh at the pure onscreen madness. Also it’s just amazing to see Arnie in this setting. If you Google 'Schwarzenegger movies', you will find a list of hardcore Sci-fi and Action movies with the likes of The Terminator and Predator that display a badass Arnold. Then among these is Christmas Arnie looked stressed out in a Santa suit. There’s comedy in that alone.

Anyway yeah, this is a funny Christmas movie to watch with the whole family, so enjoy!

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