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  • Elise Paris

The Best of Christmas: Day 1


It’s December 1st. At last!

So let’s open the first door on the advent calendar.

Todays treat - ‘Just Friends’, the 2008 rom com featuring Ryan Reynolds, Amy Smart and Anna Farris.

Yeah fair enough, if you’ve seen it then you’re probably thinking “that’s not really a Christmas film” and you’d be right. It’s just kind of set around the holidays. But that didn't stop Die Hard.

Plus, this film features Deadpool in a fat suit, so I think its worth a watch.

The story centres around overweight teenager, Chris Brander (Reynolds) that gets “friend-zoned” by his school crush, Jamie Palamino (Smart). Crushed, Chris builds up a shit tonne of emotional walls and grows up to be a successful record executive and a part time player. By a series of entertaining events, Chris ends up in his hometown just in time for Christmas, accompanied by the insufferable Samantha James (Faris). When he bumps into grown up Jamie at a local bar, Chris realises nothing has changed and he tries to win her heart all over again. Comedy ensues when he has to compete with Chris Klein’s typical ‘jock’ character and the chaos provided by Samantha’s insanity.

Granted, this movie isn’t exactly a Christmas classic, but it captures festive tropes with gift giving, excessive decorations and ice skating, so its a good way to start December.

Alright, thats all for today. Remember to check in tomorrow!

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