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  • Elise Paris

The Best of Christmas.

Updated: Jul 11, 2019


Thanks for joining me.

Well the season has returned. As of tomorrow we can blast BandAid without shame and substitute mulled wine for water because it’s tradition, not because we have a drinking problem. This time of year is whatever you make of it, but one thing we can all enjoy is a festive film to cuddle up on the sofa for.

Christmas films, much like Christmas music, are the anomaly of their genre. They are given leeway on the ‘cheese-factor’ and we enjoy them every year without fail, no matter how old. They can’t be ranked or compared like other films. For many of us, our favourite Christmas movies have more to do with the personal sentiment they hold, than the quality of film-making they present.

And I kinda love that.

As an enthusiast for both Christmas and cinema (and as someone with way too much time on their hands), I present to you a Festive Film Advent Calendar. Every day until the 24th of December, I’ll be counting down my festive favourites. Feel free to join me and comment with any I might have forgotten about.

Except Elf. Don't waste my time with Elf.

Well that's about it, thanks for reading and be sure to check in tomorrow for the first of many open doors.


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