• Elise Paris

Review: Reverse Drawinism.

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Today I’ll be reviewing a short film produced by Chocolate Bear Productions, titled Reverse Darwinism.

This hilarious taster that focuses on the eccentric ‘Professor Vanessa’, was written by Dermot Daly, Ivan Mack and the professor herself, Kathryn Hanke. I have to commend the script-writers in this case, because some of the dialogue had me laughing out loud. Having worked within a coffee shop for some time, the “enter dickheads here” label particularly tickled me. I will say that the “subscribe to survive” element was giving me strong ‘Black Mirror’ vibes, but thats not a bad thing! The concept was original and weirdly plausible. Kathryn Hanke definitely demands the focus as centrepiece of this film and her erratic behaviour had me slightly confused, slightly anxious but very entertained.

Overall I would say that this film is worth the watch if you fancy something thought provoking and kooky to make you laugh. Expect to see Reverse Darwinism around the indie film fest circuit in the near future.

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