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  • Elise Paris

Review: Captain Marvel.

Updated: Mar 21, 2019


Welcome to my blog and this slightly late review of Captain Marvel.

At this point I don’t allow myself to expect much from Marvel or DC other than pop music, excessive comic relief and formulaic plots. (I know, I’m a hoot.) Unfortunately, Marvel’s most recent addition felt like another filler movie. It’s not all bad, though ; I have a lot of compliments for this film, the first being that I thought it was pretty fun. (See, I can be cup half full.)

It opened really strong by introducing us to a charismatic and witty Brie Larson in a badass fight, smashing her constrained fists around at ‘Skrulls’, shapeshifting aliens with the ability of becoming anyone that they have seen. In terms of the character herself, I quite quickly decided that Carol Danvers was likeable, albeit the direction meant this feeling slowly faded from me.

When Larson’s character is dumped on planet C-53, better known as Earth, a ‘fish out of water’ narrative begins, similar to that in Wonder Woman. There’s a 90’s nostalgia here and I think the producers heavily relied on winks and nods to this, such as the Blockbuster store that she crashes through the roof of. In all fairness, this first act was really entertaining. I know this of course, because the guy sat next to me in the cinema couldn’t stop talking about how funny it was and how he ‘totally saw that coming’... Don’t you just love people.

Another thing I will say is that Samuel L Jackson looks crazy natural in this movie considering the amount of age defying CGI at work. Without his character the film would have lost a lot of it’s humour and by far it’s greatest character chemistry. Larson and Jackson bounced off each other really well and their screen time was thoroughly enjoyable. Other relationships however, including one between Carol Danvers and a life long friend, fell kinda flat. I think this movie, like many before it, gave itself way too much ground to cover in a short time to be able to build up a big enough emotional pool for the audience to actually give a shit.

My biggest issue with this film was that it lacked purpose. In most superhero movies you can feel the tone set by the director and you feel like the movie is communicating something to it’s audience. This movie didn’t do that for me. Half the time I didn’t really know what I was watching. I could see action happening and hear the dialogue, but I didn’t really feel much and to be honest I still don’t really know who Carol Danvers is.

Maybe this is because every time I almost felt something, it was cut off with comic relief (why is that a thing now?)

As is law, I stayed to watch the 30 second cut scene after the credits and actually it made me realise that this whole film just felt like a lead up to that. To me, this was just another filler movie to keep the marvel fans engaged and satisfied whilst introducing another character to involve in Endgame.

Despite that, this film will be enjoyed by many and I can see why. I know it’s hard to believe but I really didn’t hate this film. It’s fun and exciting in bursts, but overall it just didn’t give me that feeling of inspiration of fulfillment that I expect from a Marvel film.

As always, thanks for reading,

Elise, out.

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