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Review: Oh dear, Here We Go Again...

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

Though it feels like just yesterday that Meryl Streep first graced our screens in those iconic blue dungarees, it has in fact been a whole 10 years! Of course we all know the first Mamma Mia was a sweeping success due to its star cast and feel good vibes. Even a cynic couldn't help but tap their feet. So indeed, its sequel has been long and highly anticipated, but im afraid, to me, it fell quite short.

To it's credit, this film does have some shining moments *cough* Cher singing Fernando. Fucking Cher. Also I admit I mostly enjoyed the past tense sections that attempted to bring the story of donna and her three summer lovers to life.I especially appreciated Lily James' embodiment of Meryl Streep because damn, those are big dungarees to fill. But I think thats just about where my compliments end. So much about this film just made no sense to me. I found myself looking around in the cinema for some kind of reassurance that I wasn't the only uncomfortable one.

Firstly, I can just about deal with the unexplained death of donna and the fact her mother was resurrected from the dead, but what I cannot deal with, is the complete lack of storyline. Other than a 2 minute storm that ruined Amanda Seyfrieds party and a half hearted argument over the phone, the present life storyline ran dry. While the first movie featured music numbers that flowed from each plot point only strengthening the story, Here We Go Again unforgiveably forced the story into a direction that vaguely warranted a musical number. You know you're struggling when you have to situate the characters in a French restaurant where the waiters are dressed as Napoleon just so you can squeeze in Waterloo. I think one thing we can all agree is that the first Mamma Mia used all the best ABBA songs and left Here We Go Again with little to work with. But if you can't rely on the music then at least focus on character. But alas, the acting wasn't convincing in the slightest. All three of the young male actors left me cringing in my seat. Also, might I add, their characters? total dicks. One is a cheat and another is way too pushy. Oh and if you think I'm going to ignore the bit where Pierce Brosnan lurks over crystal clear photos of Lily James that look as though they were taken and printed that day, then you are wrong sir.

It definitely felt to me as though this film kept throwing in cameos and sparkly outfits to distract the audience from the core problems,which im actually rather insulted by. But unfortunately not even a random performance from the goddess that is Cher could save this thin, unauthentic disaster.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that Mamma Mia is 'supposed to be cheesy' and I totally get that. hell, I went in expecting trash, but the enjoyable, guilty pleasure kind of trash, and thats not what I got at all.

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