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  • Elise Paris

Review: Christopher Robin.

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

When I saw the poster featuring the wonderful Ewan McGregor and the most familiar childhood characters brought to us by AA Milne, I couldn't be more excited. It won me over before I even watched it. So when I did, I was full of hope and anticipation...and it didn't let me down.

I absolutely recommend you go out and watch this film if not for the stunning cinematography then for the surprisingly witty and often profound dialogue. Although the plot wasn't particularly original it resonated with me in a number of ways. The story touched on the importance of family, the harshness of losing touch with old friends, and the reality of finding who you are.

It is credit to the scriptwriters and director that with such few lines the characters of the toy animals were incredibly distinct and sincere. Particularly, some of Pooh's lines, whilst seemingly confused and silly, made for heart-renching reality kicks. For example when Christopher explains that his colleagues are not his friends because it makes it easier to let them go, Pooh replies "did you let ME go?". 

My only problem with this film is that I personally felt there were a few loose ends and things that the film could have played with a bit more. I always assumed that Christopher Robin's friends were part of his imagination, be that as a child or during a mid life crisis. So when the animals are seen and heard by other folk in London including Christopher's wife, this threw me off. If these characters were completely real then I can't imagine why Christopher wouldn't have ventured to find them any earlier. Throughout the film there is a sub plot of Christopher's daughter trying to reconnect with her father but I personally feel this never completely reaches a point of closure.

Perhaps a better ending would have been for Madelaine to stumble upon the stuffed toys and 'important papers' and share the same imagination as her father before taking them to him. I feel this would have been a stronger way to connect Christopher and his daughter as Pooh and his friends would have been their secret. Furthermore, I noticed similarities between some of Christopher's work colleagues and characters such as Eeyore. Maybe the film could have played more on the idea that during his weekend spent trying to save his colleagues, he saw them within his old childhood friends, explaining his hallucinations. But hey, those are just some of my thoughts. Also I understand that this was a Disney film after all, and required an adventure sequence and a sense of humour to keep the younger audience engaged.

Overall I found this movie to be incredibly charming and uplifting. It presented nostalgia in a fun, fresh way and it really put a smile on my face.

If you haven't yet seen the trailer, you can watch it below:

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